A Few Words About Us

For over 25 years STYLWAN has been a pioneer of pipe inspection technology.

Started in 1991, STYLWAN equipment was designed from the ground up to be used in the field; during operations. This means the equipment is very compact, lightweight, and rugged to survive the harshest conditions, and designed to minimally affect normal rig or plant operations. All equipment is based on an advanced form of MFL that provides 100% inspection coverage for wall thickness, taper, key seat, rodwear, welds, mechanical damage, metallurgy, hardness changes, corrosion, pitting, gouges, cracks, and fatigue.

Our non-contact equipment is certified to be unaffected by off-centering and inspect complex configurations from the ID or the OD in excess of 1.6” wall thickness. The advanced 3D sensor array is proven to measure actual fatigue buildup in the pipe and output data detailed enough to export directly to FEA for analysis. US Patents 7,155,369, 7,231,320, 7,240,010, 7,403,871, 8,050,874, 8,086,425, 8,428,910, 8,831,894, 9,322,763 and other Patents Pending.

We serve our clients and maintain our equipment worldwide, onshore, and offshore.