3D Inspection

3D Inspection

A Few Words About Us

For over 25 years STYLWAN has been a pioneer of pipe inspection technology.

Our true non-contact design feature highly advanced 3D sensor arrays that do not suffer from off-centering or the need for clean material in a versatile, lightweight package.

25+ Years of experience


Coiled Tubing Inspection

Casing Inspection

Vertical Riser Inspection

Wellhead Inspection

Specialty Configuration Inspection

Horizontal Riser Inspection


Coiled Tubing

Capable of inspecting any coil tubing size, configuration, with or without coating, at high speed on the rig or in the mill.


STYLWAN equipment can inspect waxy, oily, or rusty tubing while pulling out of the well on either a conventional rig, slant rig, or snubbing unit due to our versatile non-contact sensors.

Marine drilling risers

Capable of inspecting marine drilling risers horizontally or vertically in the racks, clean or dirty, without the need to remove buoyancy, at high speed and with 100% inspection coverage.

Drill pipe

Can provide Full 3D tube body inspection

Sucker Rods

Can inspect Sucker Rod and Continuous Rod while pulling out of hole without faltering rig operations